Aerial Survey Support 

By capturing images and footage from an aerial perspective, you can put together a thorough survey. At Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd, our experienced team are able to complete UAV and drone surveys. There are many benefits of choosing a fixed UAV survey, including:

  • More Comprehensive and Accurate Earthwork Surveys and Volume Calculations
  • Cover Large Areas in Short Flying Time Compared to Conventional GPS Surveys
  • Reduced Number of Surveyors Needed Onsite Which Reduces the Chances of Accidents
  • Photographical Records of the Progress of the Works Onsite That Can Be Used to Prove Claims
  • 3D Models That Can Be Issued to Your Client or the Public
  • BIM-Compliant Surveys

Experienced in UAV Surveys

Samsett obtained the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), formerly Permission for Aerial Work, in July 2016. Since being granted the permissions by the CAA, we have carried out aerial surveys on a range of projects, including:

  • Highway Construction
  • Landfills/Quarries
  • Remediation/Ground Stabilisation and Re-Engineering

The main project Samsett has flown is Balfour Beatty’s™ Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR). The project is 19km long and has taken a minimum of four days to fly the complete project on three separate occasions. The purpose of the aerial survey was to create a digital terrain model (DTM) for the calculation of the bulk earthworks quantities.

To fly the NNDR project, Samsett used the Trimble UX5 HP Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This is a fixed-wing aircraft which can operate in much more extreme weather conditions compared to the rotary coppers that are more commonly associated with UAVs. By choosing this aircraft, we were able to fly practically every day of the year.

Delivered in Various Formats

The typical file Samsett would issue following the flights are:

  • .ecw File – Georeferenced Photo Which Can Be Used in BIM, GIS, or CAD Software
  • .dwg File – CAD File of the Cleaned Surface, Used for Volume Calculations
  • .tif File – Aerial Photograph with 50mm Resolution

Other file formats can be supplied as per the client’s preference. For smaller surveys or videos, Samsett also has a Phantom™ multi-rotor aircraft that can be used to carry out smaller aerial surveys within a confined site.

Contact us now to obtain more information about our UAV and drone surveys.