Instrument Hire

Tired of using your budget to buy instruments you may only use once? At Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd, we offer affordable survey equipment hire solutions throughout the UK. At Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd, we work closely with contractors and commercial clients to provide high-quality instruments, including 3D scanners, for an agreed hire period. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and request a quotation.

What We Offer

For a competitive price, you can hire equipment from our wide range of high-quality instruments including:

What We Offer

  • Trimble™ GPS and GLONASS Base Receivers

  • Trimble GPS and GLONASS R6 Rovers with or without VRS Licences

  • Trimble Rover Units of Different Models Extending from R6, SPS 780, and 5800 Cableless Models to 5700 Backpacks

  • Leica™ 1200 Series Fully Robotic Total Stations

  • Leica DNA03 Precise Digital Levels

  • Leica Sprinter Digital Levels

  • Leica Optical Levels

  • Laptops and Desktops with Licensed Setting-out and Volumetric Software Packages

  • 4x4 Site Transport and Small Vans

Please note that rates vary depending on the hire period and quantity you require. Contact our team today for a complete quotation.

The Latest 3D Scanning Technology

Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd always invests in the latest technology. We recently acquired a Leica C10 laser scanner, which can conduct full-dome scans in minutes. Within 24 hours of the client placing an order, we can commence a laser scanning project with minimal hassle or lead time required.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Cost-Saving Benefits

The Leica C10 laser scanner can provide significant savings through:

Cost-Saving Benefits

  • Lower Cost Topographic and As-Built Surveys

  • Reduction of Costly Return Visits to the Site

  • More Accurate, Complete As-Built Surveys

  • Reduced Facility Downtime, Due to Fast, Unobtrusive Scene Capture

Value-Added Benefits

The scanner also has many added-value benefits, including:

Value-Added Benefits

  • Faster Results

  • Shorter Project Cycle Times

  • Better Quality Results

  • Less Ambiguity

  • Higher Level of Detail

  • Safer Data Capture

  • Unobtrusive Data Capture

  • Point Clouds Can Be Conveniently Used and Reviewed by Others for More Efficient Management of Projects

Hassle-Free Instrument Hire

Our affordable survey equipment hire services include high-quality 3D scanners.

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