Civil Engineering and Surveys

Looking for reliable civil engineering surveyors? As the UK’s leading company for on-site computing, Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd is ideally placed to cover all aspects of civil engineering. Our highly qualified team carry out fast and accurate engineering surveys, with instant start-up and no delays in waiting for hard-copy information. All our surveyors are trained in operating the latest technology, using satellites and total station equipment to complete all surveys and setting-out services. Get in touch today to speak with our surveyors.

Surveys We Provide

In addition to civil engineering surveys, we complete various related surveys throughout the planning of the work, including:

Surveying equipment

  • Large- and Small-Scale Detailed Topographic Surveys

  • Site Surveys

  • Measured Building Surveys

  • Installation of Survey and Engineering Control

  • Periodic Checks on Survey Control Stations

  • CAD Drafting and Plotting (Email Your Plans through to Be Plotted to Your Requirements)

Setting-out Specialists

As part of our range of surveying solutions, we also offer full setting-out services, including:

Setting-out Specialists

  • Establishing Control Stations

  • Control Network Verification

  • Verification of Ground Levels

  • Fence Lines and Contract Boundary Limits

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Roads and Structures

  • Earthworks

  • Provision of Site Engineering Survey Staff

Measuring Quantities

With considerable expertise and experience, we know how to measure various earthworks quantities, and thus can provide early identification of any shortfalls or surpluses in the amount of material to be excavated or reused.


Whether there is a surplus, we will provide design solutions to limit the volume of material for disposal. Our surveyors also produce haulage charts, minimising the movement of material through the site.

Effective and Efficient Surveying

If you require any Site Engineering, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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