Plant Hire and Machine Control

Want to hire machine control dozers? Call on Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd for reliable plant hire services throughout the UK. We provide contractors with state-of-the-art systems, utilising 3D design models and GPS systems to help you maintain accurate positioning throughout your project. Get in touch today with any further enquiries.

Client Obligations

What we would require from our clients.

Client Obligations

  • Our clients supply a 3D model, preferably in Mx Genio format/3D AutoCAD

  • Your model should contain all design strings, including the master string in road projects

  • We can also take a 2D AutoCAD drawing and convert it into a 3D Model.

How we deliver to your expectations

Obligations of Samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd

  • Our Trained surveyors will interrogate the model and edit it, if necessary, to generate a digital terrain model (DTM)

  • Background drawing files will be created ready to be loaded into the machine’s display unit for the driver’s use.

  • This model will then be generated in the computer simulator to determine the surface anomalies. These anomalies will be corrected prior to the transfer of the 3D model being loading into the dozer onboard computer.

Machine Control Systems

UTS System

UTS System

Perfect for final trimming, our UTS system can achieve higher accuracies of +/-3 – 6mm. UTS will require a Trimble SPS930 robotic instrument, which will need to be set up daily by our engineers so it can track the prism mounted on the Dozer relaying information.

3D GPS Kit

3D GPS Kit

Ideal for bulk earthworks, our 3D GPS kit offers an accuracy of +/- 15 25mm. You will need to set up one of our Trimble SPS855 base stations, then convert the design model into a dozer format file and load it into a dozer. Once everything has been checked, our CPCS operator will be able to view the Cut/Fill and the site layout.

Advanced Control Systems

Our machine control and plant hire services enable you to oversee all aspects of your project.

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